Mining the Minho with Soalheiro's Luis Cerdeira

Mining the Minho with Soalheiro's Luis Cerdeira

Soalheiro - An Adventure of Appetizing, Age-Worthy, Affordable Alvarinho

Show notes

Vinho Verde has of late risen in quality and availability. A close and arguably more inspired cousin to this broad category of mostly white wine made in Portugal's vast, northern Minho region is the Cerdeira family's Soalheiro winery in Melgaço.

As the pioneer for the increasing quality of his region's Alvarinho grape variety--a.k.a. Spain's Albariño--I'd the pleasure in 2011 of visiting the inspiration for this, João, accompanied by his then-young son Luís. With many bottles of Soalheiro enjoyed before & after visiting Portugal's restaurants, and when living in England and here, I revisited it taking a DotE deep dive with Luís who oversees the family estate alongside his sister Maria and their mother Maria.

Produced by Matty Rosenberg and David Furer at Radio Free Rhinecliff



Luís Cerdeira

Luís Cerdeira

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